Benefits of Network Marketing

Benefits of Network Marketing
This is a summary of all the different benefits of Network Marketing (AKA Multi Level Marketing, MLM, Referral Marketing)
The Income Potential
In most occupations there is a rate of pay that goes with it and only a very limited range of earnings within that field. Normally, the only way to increase earnings is to work longer hours. Because there is only a finite time available, there is inevitably a limit on the hours that can be worked and therefore a ceiling on the money that can be earned.  Network Marketing works differently. In Network Marketing there is the opportunity to leverage your time by introducing others to the opportunity and showing them how to work effectively. The principal Co then rewards you commensurate with the size (and structure) of the business that you have built; a perfectly logical and ethical remuneration structure. There are no limits on how big you build your team and therefore no limits on how big you build your income.
Passive Income
This is the income that you receive for what you have already put in place, as opposed to being paid in direct proportion to work done. Most occupations pay directly for completing a task. eg. If you want your car washed you agree a price and when the car has been cleaned you pay for it. For both the customer and the supplier that is the transaction completed in its entirety. In contrast to that we can look at a musician who records a song and then gets paid every time someone buys the recording or it gets played on air. There are no limits on how many recordings will sell or for how long these royalty payments will be paid. Network Marketers get paid in a similar way to musicians; they get paid a royalty income each month on the volume of business created by their entire organisation. Clearly there is work to be done to build that organisation in the first place, but once it’s built it will continue to pay indefinitely. This passive income can be permanent and is like indefinite sick pay, holiday pay and
ultimately pension. Your successful Network Marketing business will continue to pay you after you have stopped working it.
No Boss
In Network Marketing you are your own boss. You answer to nobody except yourself. Clearly, anyone working in a conventional job has to do what their boss tells them. Most conventional businesses are capital intensive and therefore are often answerable to the bank manager. For many, being their own boss is a major benefit of Network Marketing. This requires self-discipline but the rewards and freedom that go with being disciplined are enormous.
Flexible working hours
You decide how long you work for and when you work. The more hours that are worked, the quicker your business will grow, but the choice is entirely yours. It makes sense in the early days to commit to growing your business as fast as possible to give yourself the freedom that only a passive income can give you. However, how many people have to suffer going to work in their office all week whilst there is glorious sunshine outside to then have some time to themselves at the weekend when it’s raining? In the UK it seems to be a tradition to have rain on bank holidays! Network Marketers can choose what days they work and what days they take off. Network Marketers don’t need to ask for time off to look after their sick child or ask for time off to attend the children’s school sports day or Christmas concert. Network Marketers can take their holidays out of season if they want to miss the crowds or avoid the peak season prices.
Build it alongside current occupation
Because of the total flexibility of Network Marketing you can build your business alongside a job or conventional business. The leverage achieved from team building allows you to build your income to a level where you will then have the choice of continuing to enjoy two incomes or to walk away from your job. A wonderful choice to have! For some, their original occupation is a vocation that they don’t ever want to give up but their Network Marketing business gives them a great deal more income plus a great  sense of security in these financially volatile times. For others their Network Marketing business is their route to escaping the rat-race.
No experience or qualifications necessary
Most people are aged sixteen to twenty-one when they make the decisions that lead to the direction that their working life takes. How many can say that they got it exactly right? Because Network Marketing does not require any special qualifications or experience, it allows anybody to change the direction of their career, at any time. The Universities and Colleges are turning out highly qualified people that can not get jobs because they have no working experience. Network Marketing allows anyone to break
this vicious circle. With academic qualifications seeming to be a prerequisite for a career in the conventional corporate world, what happens to all the hard working, ambitious intelligent non-academics? Network marketing is a truly equal opportunity open to everyone irrespective of their qualifications, experience, gender, race etc. What is required to succeed in building a Network Marketing business is a good work ethic, integrity, tenacity and a willingness to learn.
Start your own business from scratch
The top 5% of earners usually run their own business; so why doesn’t everyone do it? Most businesses require a substantial investment which requires a huge commitment and is usually a massive risk. The investment required to start most Network Marketing businesses is normally no more than the price of a good night out. The overheads normally associated with a conventional business can be crippling and often results in having to work six days a week just to pay the overheads. The overheads of running a  Networking business are next to nothing. To start your own business you also need to have an idea; what business can you start-up and run with the skills, contacts and financial resources that you have at your disposal? Network Marketing is your own business and has so many advantages over a conventional business.
Personal Development
Nobody starts a Network Marketing business for their personal development but it is an inevitable consequence of growing your business. You will develop confidence, business acumen, communication skills and grow in personal stature. This is always good for the individual concerned and hugely rewarding to help others develop in this way.
Choose who you work with
In Network Marketing you choose who you work and spend time with. You are not compelled to work with anyone in your upline or in your team. You choose who you
accept as your customers. It is normally advantageous to work closely with the person that introduces you to the business (although not compulsory) so it makes sense to join with someone that you get along with and respect.
Work from home
Having a business that you operate from home has numerous benefits; low/no overheads, flexibility, no commuting, no rush-hour traffic, always available for your family, tax benefits, minimal administration, no set hours. Because of the nature of Network Marketing and working from home there are usually lots of positive incentives like for example luxury holidays and cars to be won/earned. This compares to a normal job environment where the incentives are more often based on putting you under forever
increasing pressure. In short; escape the rat-race.
Network Marketing offers so much to everyone that is prepared to look properly at it with an open mind. It can be a life-changing opportunity for those that are prepared to make the effort, and the icing on the cake can be introducing other people to the opportunity and helping them to achieve all these benefits also.
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