We joined Kleeneze on 29th June 1999 with our business kit and 200 catalogues. Our first task was to get a retail success story. All we did was post out 200 catalogues and collect them back in two days later and with that we had generated £222 worth of orders; it worked!

We have been retailing in the region of £1000 personally pretty much every month since. Some weeks would produce lesser results whilst other weeks generated terrific revenue,  but over the course of a month our results have been consistent. This early retail story gave us total confidence that the whole thing worked and would work for anyone that worked their catalogues.  We just had to share the story with as many people as possible…. and that’s what we have been doing ever since.

We reached “Gold Distributor” (circa £8000 turnover/month) status within 8 months and “Bronze Executive” (circa £20,000 turnover/month) status within 14 months. This was paying us about £1800 per month part-time.

In all the time that we have worked our Kleeneze business we have normally retailed approximately £1000 worth of products personally and introduced an average of about one new distributor per week. Nothing clever, nothing remarkable, just simple disciplines practiced daily.

We have spoken with some “neg-heads” along the way; people that knew virtually nothing about the opportunity and yet were keen to tell us that it wouldn’t work! So we used this as added motivation and adopted the attitude “we’ll show them”.

We joined the business when Steve had recently been made redundant but within a few weeks of getting started he was invited to return to work with a previous employer which was an offer that couldn’t be refused at that time. So for approximately five years we built our Kleeneze business on a part-time basis around Steve’s full-time job and a young family.

Our primary motivation at that time was to build the business to a point where we no longer needed the day job. Having been made redundant once from that industry, which was in decline, we really did not want to be reliant on it for any longer than necessary. Steve could probably have left the job after a couple of years but chose to stay on and enjoy the double income. Steve also found that by getting to a point where he no longer needed the job it was very liberating and lifted any pressure that his bosses tried to apply. So continuing to work his job properly but without the normal pressure was relatively easy and paid reasonably well. Gradually as the income rose to a reliable £4000 a month (with our best part-time Kleeneze income a whopping £6,505) Steve reached a point where he lost interest in his job and chose to return his Alfa Romeo and walk away from the rat-race forever.

Since leaving the job we have focused purely on Kleeneze and have had a great time.

Even before leaving the job we enjoyed all expenses paid trips to Monte Carlo(twice), to KualaCairns in Australia, Sun Cuty South Africa, Athens and the week after resigning from the job Kleeneze took us to Sydney. Not bad for a “little part-time business” that several people told us wouldn’t work. Also, as Steve had a company car for most of his”working” life it was very useful when Kleeneze awarded us a brand new Mini Cooper before Steve resigned and gave back his Co car.

Free Mini Cooper

Free Mini Cooper

Once we were turning over about £20,000 a month with a team of about 40 people we decided to give the team a name and develop our own team identity: The Infinity Group was born! Whilst it’s great to have a team identity we work very much as part of the larger teams to which we all belong.

We are part of the biggest and the most successful teams in Kleeneze and therefore have access to the very best leadership within the whole of the Kleeneze network. We think it makes sense to follow the proven system.

Since leaving “work” we have enjoyed a great lifestyle due to the total freedom that we now have. No boss, no set hours, no commuting, just a great business with a whole bunch of motivated like minded people.

We have since added to the list of overseas conferences that we have been taken on with MauritiusBudapest and Mauritius and most importantly we have now had 42 places on overseas conferences awarded to other members of our team.

We have enjoyed a lot a great times together as a team and have enjoyed most the overseas conferences where we have been with team members. In Budapest there were 11 of us from The Infinity Group from a total of about 200 Kleeneze distributors that qualified for that particular trip. That was a riot!

One of the things we love about the Kleeneze business is the people. We have made so many friends from all walks of life and enjoy spending time with people from such a diverse range of backgrounds, cultures and ages. It’s people that make the world go round!

We have both developed as leaders within the business in our own ways which we believe compliment each other. Debbie is particularly good at talking with team members one to one but has also stretched her comfort zone massively with some public speaking. The biggest occasion was when she addressed the Conference of about 200 of Kleeneze’s best in South Africa – such an achievement. Steve has been more comfortable with public speaking and to address the Kleeneze National Conference at the NIA in Birmingham with about 5,000 people was both great fun and a real honor. To be asked back a second time was also most reassuring!

Gavin Scott has just about the biggest team in Kleeneze and we were delighted when he awarded us his “Distributor of the Year” in 2005. Bob Webb is the highest status and highest earning distributor in Kleeneze and we were also delighted when he awarded us his “Distributor of the Year” in 2007. We mention these accolades as we believe they are an indication that we must be doing something right and we are therefore qualified to help others to succeed. To be a successful leader we must be working with a great team and our team, The Infinity Group are “Simply the Best” – they truly are.

We love what we do and are always looking for other motivated people that want to improve their lifestyle too. One of the things that we have really enjoyed with the Kleeneze business is introducing people to the opportunity and helping them to grow and to dramatically improve their circumstances. We know that we can help anyone that is prepared to work. The Kleeneze business most definitely works; it’s just some people that don’t.

For more information on how the Kleeneze business works, and could work for you, please visit http://www.SteveAndDebbieRoper.COM/or contact us directly (see “contact us” page)

Wealth Warning: ‘It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved.’

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