Our Story

Steve was born in Hornchurch in 1960 and Debbie was born in Dagenham in 1963. Natives to Essex all our lives! Steve went to Suttons Infants and Primary Schools before moving to Abbs Cross Technical High School at 11 years old. Debbie attended Fords Infants and Primary Schools before moving house to Hornchurch where she then attended Saunders Drapers Secondary School. We both left school at 16 and have 8 O levels between us!


We actually met at Steve’s brother’s 21st birthday party in 1978 that was held at a mutual friend’s house in Hornchurch and we have been together from that evening on!

On leaving school Debbie did an apprenticeship in hairdressing at Michael Gregg’s Salon in Elm Park with day release to Havering Technical College, and Steve did a mechanical engineering apprenticeship with The Globe Pneumatic Engineering Co in Harold Hill. This involved Steve attending Barking College of Technology and Havering Technical College culminating in Steve’s highest academic qualification; The City & Guilds Full Technological Certificate in Mechanical Engineering, Estimating, Costing and Planning. Whilst Steve enjoyed working on the shop floor getting his hands dirty and the camaraderie of this working environment Steve was keen to progress and at twenty moved into the Sales Office.

Whilst Debbie was a hairdresser at Michael Gregg’s  and Steve was still at “Globe” we bought our first house at 426 Upminster Road North, Rainham, Essex. A semi-rural 150 year old terraced cottage. We did a huge amount of work on this property and sold it for three times our investment five years later.

We married in June 1983 at St Andrews Church in Hornchurch.

Vikki baby

Vikki Louise

Danny boy

Danny boy

Danny our son was born in 1985 when we lived at Rainham and Vikki our daughter was born actually in our bungalow in 1988 five months after moving in. She was in such a hurry to arrive we never had a chance to get Debbie to hospital as planned! At the time of writing, Danny is 24 years old and a Motor Insurance Underwriter and Vikki at 22 is a Special Needs Teaching Assistant. Both great “kids” that we are very proud of.

At 23 Steve got his first Engineering Sales job “on the road” with Felco Hoists. Not the best paying job but we had our first Co car – a Morris Ital no less! After a year Steve left Felco and joined SIHI-Ryaland Pumps. We can’t remember the exact date but it was the day after Denis Taylor beat Steve Davis in that epic World Snooker Championship!

So there we were living in our new home with Steve in a new 39 St Albans Avenuejob (driving a brand new Sierra) and blessed with two delightful healthy children. Life was good and it was around this time (late80’s) that we were introduced to network marketing. We can’t actually recall how it came about but we invested about £1500 and joined NSA which at the time had a range of 3 different water filters. With Steve’s sales experience he sold…..none! Debbie on the other hand sold all our stock to her various hairdressing clients and then with a sigh of relief, we quit! This experience exposed us to the huge potential of Network Marketing and taught us a lot, although we didn’t really realize it at the time. We had a product that was very expensive, very difficult to sell with almost no repeat business potential and we had no leadership or system to follow. It was a case of the blind leading the blind. This experience was to prove invaluable many years later.

With the Children growing up, Debbie had her hands full as a full-time Mum and part-time hair dresser whilst Steve was busy striving to climb the greasy pole otherwise known as the corporate ladder! Steve stayed at SIHI-Ryaland (albeit the Co changed name to SIHI Pumps and then Sterling Fluid Systems) until 1998. When he left Steve was Regional Sales Manager responsible for half the UK Field Sales team. He left to join Girdlestone Pumps as UK Sales Manager with responsibility for the whole of the UK Field Sales Team and Sales Office. Steve was at Girdlestone for a year or so before being made redundant. At the time this came as a bit of a blow. He went to work one morning in April 1999 all booted and suited driving his “Executive” Co car on a good salary……… and came home with three months notice, and never went back again. That total lack of control over our own livelihood was not good! The three months paid “garden leave” was great but with a family to feed and a mortgage to pay, the heat was on! Looking back we now thank God that this happened! This was the kick that we needed and that ultimately got us out of the rat-race.

As with so many people that get involved with Kleeneze it took this turmoil in our life to get us to look at the Kleeneze Opportunity properly. We were actually approached about joining Kleeneze about 5 years previously by our local distributor, but at that time, the time was not right for us. Now that unemployment was a reality we looked at just about every business opportunity out there! We looked at everything from Mortgage Brokers to Ostrich Farming and a few weird things in between! We researched  a lot of businesses thoroughly and decided on the 29th June 1999 to start our own Kleeneze Distributorship – and have not looked back since. But let’s take a quick look back now to explain why we joined Kleeneze. It was the only opportunity that had all these essential ingredients:-

A range of products that the public want to buy.

Repeat business.

A track record of thousands of people making significant incomes…. and willing to prove it.

A means of moving products to the market without any face to face selling and without having to pester everyone that we knew for a sympathy sale.

A proven system for building a customer base and team building.

Training, support and leadership.

Our experience with NSA a decade earlier gave us the knowledge that we needed to evaluate all the opportunities properly and it became clear that Kleeneze was the best opportunity by far. For more information about this aspect of our life please click on our “Business” page or visit http://www.SteveAndDebbieRoper.COM/

Shortly after joining Kleeneze Steve was approached to return to Sterling Fluid Systems as a “Key Accounts Manager”.  Whilst we were now focused on building our Kleeneze business Steve returned to Sterling as this would provide much of the income and perks that we had been used to. Five years later, with a substantial Kleeneze business built Steve was able to turn the tables and make his employer “redundant”. He gave back his Alfa Romeo and walked away from the rat-race forever. We should say that Sterling was a good employer with lots of good people but despite all of that it’s much better to not work there than it was to do so!

We now have a brilliant team with us in Kleeneze and a great lifstyle; no boss, no set hours, total freedom to do what we want when we want with whom we want and a growing income.

Wealth Warning: ‘It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved.’

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