Kleeneze Redcar Cleveland

Peter Allan – Redcar, Cleveland
Kleeneze Peter AllanI started my Kleeneze business in October 2009.  I have been delighted with my results.  The very first order that I placed was for £438 worth of customer orders and this was within just two weeks of getting started! In my first month of business I had an income of£244.10. When I started I worked the business on a part time basis around my day job. In my third month my income was £463.11. By October 2010 my income was £725.84 still working on a part time basis. In February 2011 my monthly income was £1603.09
It’s a really great opportunity to build something better for the future. We know it works. The business keeps getting better and better. I have found the help and support to be excellent and that same help and support is available for anyone that joins my Team.  I am really excited about all of our future prospects within The Infinity Group and look forward to helping many others that join my team to achieve their own success.

For comprehensive information on the Kleeneze opportunity please visit www.KleenezeOptions.com

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